The U.S. roads where drivers talk on handsets most

Swerving, drifting out of lanes, driving erratically—what’s going on with those vehicles around you? Are their drivers talking on cell phones and operating distracted? If you’re traveling on a road from this particular list, that could be a good bet. Truck video systems and analytics provider Lytx named the top roads in the U.S. where it found drivers talked on cell phone handsets most and also identified the riskiest roads in five most populous states.

To do that, Lytx pooled its body of 2018 data from across its entire U.S.-based client base, which includes public and private fleets in trucking, waste, transit, government, construction, field services and other industries with more than 500,000 total vehicles and one million drivers. The company said it captured more than 1.35 million instances of cell phone use in all last year……..CLICK HERE