States Feel Brunt of Driver Shortage in Search for Snowplow Drivers

State departments of transportation seeking equipment operators to take on temporary seasonal work have not been able to avoid the driver shortage that the trucking industry grapples with daily.

Every year, states across the Northeast and Midwest look for hundreds of seasonal workers to help contend with winter weather. Four of them — Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania and South Dakota — have hired fewer commercial driver license holders than desired to operate snowplows.

Last year, for example, Pennsylvania DOT sought 873 CDL holders to operate equipment but ended up hiring 620 CDL holders. Iowa DOT, which generally seeks 600 people to help the regular staff operate snowplows, hired 535. South Dakota DOT filled 64 of the 71 seasonal positions that it advertised; they joined a group of 51 past seasonal employees who had already agreed to return for temporary work. Michigan DOT had trouble finding 90 workers to drive plows…………………CLICK HERE