New children’s book teaches the value of trucking

All around the country factories opened their doors to busloads full of students as part of Manufacturing Day. The annual event started in 2012, sponsored by the national Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute, allows plants to show off their latest technology, such as robots or 3D printers, as well as the dynamic engineers and technicians designing, operating and maintaining the complicated production lines. It’s like a live version of the show “How It’s Made,” and the purpose is to plant the seeds in young people to get them, to realize manufacturing isn’t the a dark, dirty and dangerous profession.

That’s the surface-level, altruistic explanation. The real reason is the same as why Grizzly bears wade in raging rivers during salmon spawning season. Winter is coming and they need to stock up on fresh meat. And most are woefully unprepared. If you think the estimated truck driver shortage of 160,000 over the next decade is bad, consider what your equipment and part OEMs are going through: Deloitte projects 2.4 million unfilled jobs in the manufacturing sector by 2028. In 2017, the nationwide event included 267,607 students. If each one of them convince only nine others to go into manufacturing, consider that skills gap filled. Problem solved, easy peasy……Read More