Labour Minister Announces Bill Dealing with Driver Inc. Misclassification

During an industry briefing in Mississauga yesterday, Federal Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, Patty Hajdu, drew straight from the Canadian Trucking Alliance’s arguments calling for a level the playing field by stopping some employers from misclassifying employees as a way to avoid source deductions or other labour obligations – a practice known as Driver Inc.

Contained in a new omnibus bill introduced by the federal government are new provisions that deal with the misclassification of drivers intended to take aim at those that might promulgate the classification of drivers as independents “to avoid their responsibilities under the Code.”

As the Minister noted, these provisions came as a direct result from requests by CTA for ESDC to better combat Driver Inc. At the event, with CTA present, the Minister acknowledged that responsible, compliant employers strongly dislike the scheme because it gives a “competitive advantage to those other employers who were misclassifying people as ‘self-employed.’”…………..CLICK HERE