Federal report casts serious doubt on driver shortage

BLS contends that, though fleets struggle with driver retention, there’s little evidence of a shortage of those willing to drive a truck, pushing back against what it calls the “industry’s own account” that there’s a labor shortage in the long-haul trucking segment.

A lengthy study recently published by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics concludes that, from a true economics perspective, there’s little evidence supporting the widely publicized notion that there’s a driver shortage in the trucking industry. Any perceived shortage is isolated to long-haul truckload fleets, argues the study from BLS, the U.S. Department of Labor’s research wing.

The issue, BLS contends, is more one of driver retention rather than a shortfall of people willing to work as truck drivers. The agency acknowledges the market for drivers has been tight for decades, but says that there’s no “evidence of a secular shortage,” referring to a shortage persisting long-term as opposed to temporary or cyclical……..Read More