Autonomous Volvo trucks deployed by Norwegian mine

VELFJORD, Norway – Volvo Trucks has announced it’s providing an autonomous transport solution to Bronnoy Kalk AS, a mine operator in Norway.

The mining trucks will be used to transport limestone from an open pit mine to a nearby port. Six autonomous Volvo FH trucks will operate on a five-kilometer stretch through tunnels between the mine itself and the crusher. Testing has been successful, Volvo announced, and the fleet will be fully operational by the end of 2019.

Instead of purchasing the trucks themselves, the mine is buying the “transport solution” from Volvo, which will operate the vehicles. The customers pays for the transport services by tonne delivered.

“This is an important step for us,” says Raymond Langfjord, managing director of the mine. “The competition in the industry is tough. We are continuously looking to increase our efficiency and productivity long-term, and we have a clear vision of taking advantage of new opportunities in technology and digital solutions. We were searching for a reliable and innovative partner that shares our focus on sustainability and safety. Going autonomous will greatly increase our competitiveness in a tough global market.”………CLICK HERE